30 Minute

Crispy Peanut Tofu

Better than Takeout!

 Ingredients  Needed

extra firm tofu cornstarch oil (for frying) peanut butter low sodium soy sauce maple syrup  sriracha fresh ginger garlic powder

1. Freeze and thaw the tofu to improve texture. Then cut into bite sized pieces.


Do I have to press the tofu after freezing it?

No. Squeeze the tofu over the sink to get out the excess water then lightly pat with a clean tea towel until dry.

2. Coat tofu in cornstarch, then pan fry in oil on each side until crispy.

3. While the tofu is pan frying, whisk together the peanut sauce and set aside!

4. After frying reduce heat, then add the peanut sauce and coat tofu.

5. Serve immediately with rice, green onion and sesame seeds!

"This recipe is amazingly easy and will please even your non vegan friends. If you know someone who doesn’t think they will like tofu this is a good recipe to start on." - blog review

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