what is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a spiky looking 25-40 pound fruit that grows on trees in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It is mild in flavor and takes on the flavor or whatever you season it with. As you'll see in these recipes, it makes for an excellent chicken and pulled pork replacement

where can I buy jackfruit?

Jackfruit is found in most grocers these days, typically in the international sections or canned fruit sections. There are three main types of jackfruit you will find in stores. - fresh jackfruit  - canned jackfruit in syrup - canned jackfruit in brine ** For savory jackfruit recipes you want the brined version!

These Jackfruit Recipes are:

- vegan  - gluten free friendly - oil free - refined sugar free - freezer friendly  - make ahead friendly 

Vegan Jackfruit Carnitas

10 min prep!

Baked Jackfruit Pita Sandwiches

35 min recipe

Beer Braised  Jackfruit Enchiladas

Instant Pot Recipe!

White "Chicken" Chili

35 minute recipe!

Green Chili Stew

Slow Cooker Recipe

BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with Slaw

Slow Cooker Recipe

"Chicken" Tortilla Soup

35 Minute Recipe

BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

15 Minutes!

Vegan BBQ Mac and Cheese

45 Minutes!

Jackfruit Potato Nachos

Instant Pot recipe!