Do you love what you see? Let's work on creating something together!

Nicolette twirling a bowl of pasta on the couch.

How I work with Brands

Here on the Home-Cooked Roots website, I teach people how to make realistic vegan meals that won't blow the budget.

Eating healthy, wholesome dinners doesn't have to be complicated or expensive and I've made it my mission to show you how.

If your brand shares the same values and mission, I'd love to find a way to work together to support your brand's goals and vision.

The services I currently offer include:

  • Sponsored Blog or Social Media Posts
  • Product reviews
  • Instagram Giveaways

Please connect with me for more details and pricing at info[at]

Media Kit available upon request.

How I work with Bloggers

In 2021, I launched an SEO Copywriting for bloggers side business and have since written several hundred articles for a number of popular recipe websites.

I am currently booked, but feel free to reach out and get on my waitlist! Shoot me an email at info[at]