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If you're in the market for new cookware and considering investing in Caraway Cookware, you may be wondering if the product is actually worth the hype. You've seen their non-stick pans all over social media, but are they worth the cost in 2024?

I've been using their non-stick cookware every day for almost 3 years and I'm here to share my honest Caraway Cookware review to help you decide if they're worth the investment. 

Caraway cookware set in standing storage.

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Disclaimer: Caraway Home was kind enough to gift me the Caraway Cookware set and bakeware set to test, but all opinions shared in this Caraway Cookware Review article are 100% my own and no way influenced by the brand. All of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you click and choose to purchase your own Caraway Cookware set, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

An Honest Review of the Caraway Cookware Set

If you're completely new to the Caraway Home brand, Caraway specializes in making non-stick cookware with a unique ceramic coating that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Their brand mission is to make cookware products that are easy to use, encourage you to cook for a healthy lifestyle, and perfect for beginner cooks. 

All of their products are designed in New York and made in China. Their website states that all vendors are carefully vetted and “adhere to our strict ethical manufacturing practices and maintain the required standards for BSCI or SMETA.”

In a nutshell, the Caraway Home cookware brand strives to be ethical, eco-conscious, useful and pretty enough to leave on the stove 24/7! But does the quality live up to its name?

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

How Much Does the Caraway Cookware Set Cost?

The Caraway Cookware is not the cheapest on the market, but it is relatively affordable and on par compared to other high end cookware.

If you purchase the full cookware set, it retails at full price for $545, but regularly goes on sale and includes free shipping. You can even pick from 10 colors to ensure your cookware set matches your kitchen aesthetic. I leave my set on the kitchen counter 24/7!

Saute pan.

What does the Caraway Cookware Set Include?

  • 10.5″ Frying Pan
  • 3 qt Sauce Pan with lid
  • 4.5 qt Sauté Pan with lid
  • 6.5 qt Dutch Oven with lid (you can use this lid on the fry pan, too!)
  • Magnetic storage racks 
  • Canvas lid holder 
  • 2 Cork trivets

You can also purchase the individual pots and pans separately for the following prices:

Caraway also recently released new mini cookware ideal for single-serve or meals for 2

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

Pros and cons graphic of Caraway cookware set.

Why I Love My Caraway Cookware Set

The NonStick Surface is Actually NonStick

If you've seen the caraway cookware set recommended on social media and wondered if they we're worth the hype, I have to agree that the non-stick surface on these ceramic pans is quite phenomenal.

I have been using my personal set for almost 2 years now and food still quite literally slides out of the pan. There have ben several instances where I've used the cookware, plated the food, and the pan is so clean afterwards it looks like I didn't even use it!

This makes the cookware set incredible for oil-free cooking (I'm thinking of you, WFPB and no SOS eaters!). 

They Are Relatively Lightweight

One thing I hate about my beloved Staub collection is the weight. Cast iron pots and pans are virtually impossible for me to lift with one hand, making it difficult to transfer and plate the food without a helping hand.

In comparison to my cast iron collection, the Caraway Cookware set is considerably more lightweight. I'm a petite person and can very easily hold this cookware with one hand, even when filled with food. 

Now, if you are looking for the lightest cookware on the market, this cookware is not going to be the best fit for you.

Since it is a much higher quality compared to a teflon pan or a traditional nonstick cookware set, it does have some weight to it. But if you are accustomed to the weight of cast iron dutch ovens, lifting these nonstick pans will be a breeze!

They're Non Toxic

Not everyone is going to agree on this plus, but if you want my opinion, Caraway's non-stick coating is safe and compatible with a health-conscious household and lifestyle. 

All of their non-stick is made with ingredients that are FDA approved and made without dangerous chemicals or toxic chemicals such as PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, Lead, and Cadmium. 

With that being said, some people believe that using any kind of cookware with a ceramic coating is not safe. However, studies show ceramic cookware is incredibly safe to use and only becomes a possible health concern if the coating is scratched off.

If you are using proper cleaning techniques and utensils in your cookware, this should not be a problem or a worry. 

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

Comes with Convenient Storage System

One of my favorite bonuses that comes with purchasing a full set is the magnetic pan racks. They're SO convenient, save space, and make this set so pleasing to the eye I personally leave it out on my kitchen counter 24/7 (just ask my friends and family!).

This is an amazing bonus if you have a really small kitchen like I do without a ton of storage space in the kitchen cabinets for pots and pans. 

The set also comes with a handy storage bag that holds all of the compatible lids. If I had the perfect space for it, I'd hang it on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. 

Lid set in hanging canvas.

Friendly to the Beginner Home Cook

My husband has never enjoyed cooking for himself, yet now that we own the Caraway set, he has been cooking for himself noticeably more. In his words, he finds Caraway's cookware set to be easy to use, easy to clean, and makes learning new recipes stress-free. 

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon


Nonstick cookware requires more care

This applies to any nonstick cookware, but it needs to be stated that ceramic cookware is more delicate and will require thoughtful care. This means:

  • Avoiding using metal utensils in the pans
  • Washing by hand (no dishwasher!!)
  • No aerosol cooking sprays
  • No cooking at high temperatures
  • Storing carefully so it does not become scratched

If you are a person that loves putting their cookware in the dishwasher or refuse to give up your beloved metal spatula, you're going to want to skip this cookware. Additionally, if you cook on a gas stove, you will experience more staining and discoloring on the bottom of your cookware compared to electric stoves and induction stovetops.

In short, you cannot ignore these care requirements and expect the set to last. 

Not the best for frying

While you can get a nice sear on food with low heat and some patience, this cookware is meant to be used at low or medium stovetop temperatures. Using it at higher temperatures can cause the nonstick coating to deteriorate at a much faster rate.

In my extensive testing, I find the cookware does not perform nearly as well as my cast iron pans for getting a good crispy sear on foods like meat, tofu, or vegetables. I definitely would not plan on frying anything in these pans either.

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

Higher Price tag

Compared to Staub and Le Creuset, the Caraway Cookware set is quite affordable. But compared to other nonstick and teflon pans, Caraway is not the most affordable option. 

Will Eventually Stop Being Nonstick

As with any ceramic, nonstick cookware set, it will eventually lose its nonstick performance and need replacement. For the price point, this point may make it difficult to invest the money.

With that being said, with proper care and careful use, these pans can last for years. My mom has owned the sauté pan for 5 years now and she says it is still her favorite pan and is more nonstick than anything else in her kitchen.  

Closeup of cookware on counter.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the Caraway Cookware set is well worth the money. If I was not generously gifted the set, I would absolutely purchase the set with my own money. In my opinion, there are many more pros than cons, and while they are a higher price point cookware item, they are really beautiful and will last for years with proper care.

For the current sale price especially, you really can't complain!

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

Does Caraway Home sell a bakeware set?

The Caraway Products line is constantly expanding and you can now purchase a complete bakeware set! The full, 11 piece Caraway bakeware set includes:

  • 18×13″ Baking Sheet
  • 10×15″ Baking Sheet
  • 12 Cup Muffin Pan
  • 9×13″ Rectangle Pan
  • 18×13″ Cooling Pan
  • 9″ Square Pan
  • 1 lb Loaf Pan
  • 9″ Circle Pans (set of 2)
  • Storage 

If you're looking for a beginner bakeware set complete with the basic essentials, their 5 piece set includes handy storage, 18×13″ Baking sheet, 10×15″ Baking Sheet, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, and a 9×13″ Rectangle Pan!

Caraway Bakeware Set

$245 $295

Photo credit: Amazon

Unlike the cookware set, you unfortunately cannot purchase individual pieces. However, if you are looking for a new set, here are a few points to consider:

What I Love About My Bakeware Set

Has the Same Amazing Ceramic Nonstick Coating

​If anything, I am even more impressed by the nonstick coating on the bakeware. I have never, ever, ever, had one thing stick to any of the pieces. In fact, when I have guests for dinner, they will ask me how I prevent my food from sticking without parchment paper or tin foil. The secret? The bakeware set! 

Muffins after baking in Caraway set.
Caraway set after removing muffins.

For example, the above images show muffins fresh from the oven aside an empty muffin pan. I was able to dump the muffins out with absolutely no sticking at all (the pan looks practically unused!).

Meets all of my Baking needs

​Since receiving this set from Caraway, I have gotten rid of most of my other bakeware. Not because my other bakeware wasn't usable, but this bakeware set has virtually everything I will ever need for all of my baking needs and fits in 2 space-saving storage containers. 

Cools Down Incredibly Fast

Most of my other bakeware brands stay super hot for a long time after being removed from the oven. This bakeware on the other hand cools down so fast I can pick it up without oven mitts after just a few minutes.

Caraway Bakeware Set

$245 $295

Photo credit: Amazon

Bakeware Cons

They're Quite Heavy

This is both a pro and con, but since this bakeware set is incredibly high quality, it is on the heavier side for sheet pans compared to competing bakeware brands. I do have difficulty grabbing many of these with one hand from the oven, which is not something I'd say about my other stainless steel sheet pans and muffin pans. This isn't a huge issue, but it is sometimes inconvenient. 

The Sheet Pans Warp

This surprised me, but these sheet pans do warp or “pop” in the oven. It's not as noticeable as some other bakeware I have owned in the past, but it absolutely warps during the cookware process and makes that notorious popping sound. 

Scratches easily on the bottom

The nonstick coating is not an issue, but the bottom of the pans and bakeware have become scratched sliding in and out of the oven. This does not necessarily bother me, but it is surprising for high-end bakeware. 

Would I repurchase my bakeware set?

If you LOVE baking and value being able to avoid using oils, parchment paper, or foil, I wouldn't think twice about investing in the 11 piece set, especially with the exclusive savings! It's a quality set and will last you for years to come.

If I was to repurchase, I would personally opt for the 5 pc set instead of the 11 pc set since I don't bake as often. The 5 pc set is the perfect starter set and includes the main basics you will use constantly.

Caraway Bakeware Set

$245 $295

Photo credit: Amazon

Still Deciding? Read More Caraway Cookware FAQs:

Is Caraway Cookware sold in stores?

Yes! If you'd like to see the Caraway cookware sets in person before purchasing they have recently been carried in Target stores across the United States. Check your local Target for stock!

Can you boil water in Caraway pans?

Yes. Boiling water is the one exception to using your Caraway pans at high heat. Feel free to boil water in your Dutch oven to make pasta, rice, and additional grains.

Can I deep fry in a Caraway pan?

I wouldn't recommend it. Deep frying requires a very high temperature (about 350 degrees F), which can cause the coating to deteriorate more quickly.

Who owns Caraway cookware?

The founder and CEO of Caraway is Jordan Nathan.

How do I clean the bottom of my Caraway cookware?

As with the interior of the pots and pans, use a gentle detergent with a scratch free dishcloth or sponge and warm water to clean the bottom of your pots and pans.

Do the stainless steel handles on Caraway pots get hot?

Yes, the handles on the cookware do get hot. Although I find that they take much longer to get hot than my cast iron cookware. I almost never needed an oven mitt to pick up the pots or pans after cooking.

Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

Caraway logo on cookware stand.
Cookware set on stove.

Caraway Cookware Set

$395 $545

Photo credit: Amazon

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend using these in the oven at 550° like they say they can. I’ve had mine for 3 months. I’m used to cooking on medium high heat to saute. The non stick surface is completely gone on my skillet. Very disappointing but if you can modify your cooking habits after cooking with cast iron all your life and remember to always always cook on medium and never put them in the oven you’ll make them last longer but not forever like Lodge cast iron and Le Creuset.

    1. I’ve had my cookware for a few years now and while the nonstick is not as amazing as when they were brand new, it is still fantastic!! My guess is your habit of using medium-high heat scorched the non-stock coating off. I warned that this will ruin the cookware in this post. Cast Iron sounds like it suits your style of cooking much better!

      1. My comment was only to share the experience I’ve had with this product and recommended not do what I did. Thanks for your recommendation to go back to cast iron, but I’ll stick with Caraway. It just takes a little change in your cooking habits and a very delicate touch.

  2. They are NOT lightweight, the exterior of chips easily and there are cautions not to heat them to a high heat, so not good for searing. I am not small and I really can’t empty the contents of the pan onto a platter. Can’t understand why these pans are so highly rated.

    1. Hi Kate! I’m so sorry you’ve had a different experience with Caraway. I’ve never experienced any chipping and neither have friends or family that have owned these pans for a few years now. I’m curious if you read my post? I specifically wrote in the “cons” section that these are not the pans for searing. I also wrote that they are lightweight in comparison to my cast iron collection, which is all I cooked with before Caraway. I’m personally very petite and can lift these pans with 1 hand no problem. I hope you find a collection that suits your needs 🙂 

  3. Great review, my Caraway Saute Pan is my absolute favorite!! I would definitely recommend getting at least the Saute pan it is very versatile and is always on my stovetop since I use it more than any other pan in my kitchen. 😍

  4. So helpful! I’ve been thinking about buying these for a while. Thank you for your honest review.

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