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Skip the oven this morning and try these Trader Joe’s Frozen Hash Browns in Air Fryer! They’re perfectly crispy on the outside, yet soft and tender on the inside. Season your hash brown patties with salt and pepper and serve this easy breakfast favorite in just over 10 minutes. 

Close up of one hash brown.

Why you’ll love Air Frying Frozen Hash Browns

  • Perfectly crispy. While there are a lot of ways to cook frozen hash browns, the air fryer is hands down the best way to get the perfect combination of fluffy potato shreds on the inside and a crispy, golden brown exterior on the outside. It’s seriously a game changer for extra crispy hash browns! 
  • Faster than the oven. These air fryer hash browns don’t require waiting for the oven to preheat! prep time, you can get them started and let the hash brown patties cook while you whip up some Silken Tofu Scrambled Eggs and cut up some fresh fruit in just about 10 minutes. 
  • Perfect for beginners. If you were gifted an air fryer for Christmas and are intimidated at the thought of using it, starting with frozen food like hashbrown patties is the best way to get comfortable! Even the most novice cooks can make crispy air fryer hash browns every single time. 
  • Budget-friendly. Frozen foods are a great option to keep on hand because they’ll keep for months, can be very cheap, and are an excellent quick breakfast side. Grab some frozen patties the next time you’re at the grocery store (my favorites are from Trader Joe’s) and you’ll be able to quickly whip these up any time you need.
  • No sticking. Unlike when baking or cooking in a frying pan, when you make frozen hash browns in the air fryer, you don’t have to worry about them sticking to the air fryer basket. 
Frozen hash brown patties on plate.

All you need to make this simple recipe is Trader Joe’s frozen hash brown patties and an air fryer! You don’t even need a little oil spray because the hash browns themselves have enough oil.

How to Make Frozen Hash Browns in Air Fryer

Frozen hash browns in air fryer basket.
Hash browns after cooking.
  1. Place frozen hash brown patties in air fryer. Put the frozen hash browns in a single layer in the bottom of the air fryer basket or air fryer tray. Spray with a little cooking spray, if using. Make sure to leave a little space between each one for optimal crispiness.
  2. Air Fry. Air fry at 400 degrees F for 7 minutes. Take the basket out and flip the patties over in the air fryer tray. Cook at the same temperature for another 3 minutes or until your desired crispiness is reached. 

Serving Suggestions

These delicious hash browns make a great breakfast side dish, afternoon snack or even a dinner side. Here are a few of my favorite ways to serve them:

Storage Instructions 

Leftover cooked hash brown patties will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Store any leftovers in an airtight container once cooled to room temperature.

These hash brown patties can also be refrozen, if needed. To do so, lay the hash browns in an even layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze. Once they are completely frozen, you can store them in freezer bags for up to 3 months.

Reheat frozen or refrigerated hash browns in the air fryer until warm and crispy again! 

4 hash browns on plate with orange juice.

Recipe FAQs

What temperature should I set my air fryer to for frozen hash browns?

For the best, crispy patties, I recommend cooking frozen hash brown patties at 400 degrees F in the air fryer. Any lower, and the outside of the hash browns won’t get as crispy. 

How long should I cook frozen hash browns in the air fryer?

Cooking times will vary depending on the brand and thickness of the hash browns, as well as the specific model of your air fryer. As a general guideline, I recommend cooking these frozen hash brown patties them for around 10 minutes, flipping once. This cooking time works perfectly for the Trader Joe’s hash brown patties, but if you hash brown patties are thicker, they may need closer to 12-15 minutes to become crispy. 

Do I need to use oil when cooking frozen hash browns in the air fryer?

I don’t add any additional oil to my frozen hash brown patties because I find they are already naturally oily. However, if you prefer a really crispy hash brown, you can spray or brush the patties with a little bit of oil. If using a little oil, I recommend a neutral tasting oil with a high smoke point such as avocado oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil.

Can I cook a large batch of frozen hash browns at once?

You can absolutely air fryer several hash brown patties at once, but it is important that you do not overcrowd the air fryer basket. In order for them to cook evenly and become crispy, they must be layered in a single layer with a bit of space between each patty. Overlapping them or crowding them in will yield less than optimal results. If you need to cook several, I’d recommend cooking in batches and keeping them warm in the oven at a low temperature as you go. 

How do I know if the hash browns are cooked through?

One of the benefits of frozen hash brown patties is the breakfast potatoes are already cooked through. You don’t have to worry about crunchy potatoes on the inside. So, you’ll know the hash browns are ready when they are golden brown and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. You can test for doneness by piercing them with a fork to make sure they’re cooked through.

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Cook from frozen. This recipe’s cooking time is based on frozen patties. You do not need to defrost them or leave them at room temperature before cooking. Just pop them in right from the freezer and air fry! 
  • Adjust time if preheating. I did not preheat my air fryer. If you choose to, you may need to adjust the cooking time. I’d start with 1 to 2 minutes less. 
  • Check a couple of minutes early. Your cooking time may vary based on the size of your air fryer. Check a couple of minutes early to be sure you don’t overcook your hash browns. I like them a nice golden brown. Crispiness can also be a personal preference, so watch to be sure you get the crispy edges at exactly the doneness that you want!
  • Choose your brand carefully. I use Trader Joe’s Frozen Hash Browns, but if you shop at other grocery stores, there are many very similar brands of hash brown patties out there. Some do contain milk ingredients, so read carefully! 
Cutting hash browns with fork.

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Frozen Hash Browns in Air Fryer (Trader Joe’s Patties) Recipe

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Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Cost: $1.12 per recipe / $0.28 per serving
Skip the oven this morning and try these Trader Joe's Frozen Hash Browns in Air Fryer! They're perfectly crispy on the outside, yet soft and tender on the inside. Season your hash brown patties with salt and pepper and serve this easy breakfast favorite in just over 10 minutes. 



  • 4 frozen hash brown patties ($1.11)


  • Place frozen hash brown patties in a single layer at the bottom of the air fryer.
  • Air fry at 400 degrees F for 7 minutes. Remove the basket, flip the patties, and air fry again at 400 degrees F for another 3 minutes, or until they reach your desired crispiness.
  • Serve while hot as desired.


  • You do not need to spray the basket. They are oily enough to not stick.
  • Do not defrost the hash brown patties before air frying.
  • I did not preheat my air fryer because I did not feel it needed it. If you choose to preheat, the cook time may need to be adjusted.


Calories: 129kcal | Carbohydrates: 28g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 1g | Sodium: 35mg | Fiber: 2g

Disclaimer: The Nutritional Information provided for this recipe is only an estimate. The accuracy of the facts listed is not and cannot be guaranteed.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American

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